UK School Workshop Tour

Enjoy Hats of Faith in your very own classroom delivered by our education specialists this spring with our FREE UK Workshop Tour.

UK School Workshop Tour

We’ve teamed up with the amazing people at the Penny Appeal to develop a UK wide FREE school workshop tour. We’re hitting the road this spring to deliver our hour-long interactive sessions to curious minds in nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools across the country.

Right now we’re looking for interested schools to partner with. If you’re interested in having us visit your classroom to run our dynamic, educational and super fun workshop session simply complete our sign up form now to be considered. We have a limited number of locations so don’t waste another minute. Sign up today!

* If you’re an educator debating whether or not begin an interfaith dialogue in your classroom you might find this article helpful – Teach students to value religious diversity—yes, it’s OK in public schools!

All in all a great workshop and delivered appropriately for the age group.


Teachers assistant

An engaging workshop, which not only educated young children about head coverings in other faiths, but also opened up a deeper discussion about why people choose to cover, religious tolerance and respect.


Teachers assistant

Our children really enjoyed learning about the different types of head-wear thanks to the lovely games and activities.


Year one teacher