Harmony Interfaith Cookie Cutter Set


Learn and share the joy of all the holidays with this unique interfaith cookie cutter set. Complete with 4 premium stainless steel cookie cutter shapes, each celebrating a major religious holiday from around the world including:

• Christmas Tree
• Diwali Diya
• Eid Lantern
• Hannukah Dreidel

This product is perfect for celebrating holidays, starting interfaith conversations at home, making tasty and creative projects with children and as a gift for friends.

The Interfaith Harmony Cookie Cutter set is beautifully packaged in a festive box including information about the religious celebrations associated with each cookie cutter.

Additional information

Weight .102 kg
"A great opportunity for beginners of the major faiths to understand and celebrate the similarities whilst respecting and tolerating the differences. Well done!"


"Excellent educational and fun resource for children to understand the appearances and practices of other cultures and religions."


"A lovely book for teaching children the reality of the kind of people they will encounter in life - it makes parents lives so much easier without having to go through the awkward explaining on the spot when they see a new HAT that they're not familiar with!"

Azmina Thanda