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We are very grateful to the religious experts and scholars who were consulted in the making of this book. And we appreciate the generous support of our patrons, partners, awarding bodies and families. There would be no book without you.


At Amal we believe that culture and the arts broaden horizons and forge common ground within and between communities. We provide opportunities for people in Britain, regardless of their faith or beliefs, to come together and explore the rich diversity of Muslim cultures and arts including storytelling, visual arts, theatre, poetry, film, music and dance. Through our varied activities, we hope to achieve a deeper and broader understanding of Muslim cultures, thereby adding to the strength and vitality of contemporary British society.


The Better Community Business Network is a Muslim-led organisation, set up to identify worthwhile community projects and partner with credible charities; bringing together professionals, key government officials and heads of charities to facilitate community engagement. We aim to work for the betterment of our society by helping to fulfil the corporate social responsibility of businesses and encouraging positive community participation.

Shade 7

Founded in 2012, Shade 7 is an independent, multilingual publisher. We strive to make a positive contribution to the world by developing creative, interactive and high-quality publications and products that make learning about religion fun.

Post Creative CIC

Post Creative are social enterprise who provide digital strategy, websites and training for the non profit sector. Post Creative’s mission is to transform the way organisations use digital tools in order to help them increase their social impact.

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